Regarding the features available, in addition to that normally associated with the management and vehicle location and fleet, we take the opportunity to summarize and highlight some features for Driving Schools available in the TekFrota platform:

  • Solution that meets the requisites of items 8 and 9 of Article 7 of Decree 185/2015 of 23 June;
  • Instructor and candidate driver identification via RFID card;
  • Lock / unlock ignition by platform and by card, when installed RFID reader in the vehicle;ura;
  • Registration of date, time, lesson duration and kilometers traveled;
  • Data registration on an electronic platform;
  • Definition of employment periods of vehicle use ;
  • Access to all the data collected on vehicles as well as evaluations and school registration details;
  • Specific accounts for administrators, school managers/branch, instructors and students;
  • Consultation of the IMT I.P. with authorized access by the school;
  • Specific reports with class data;
  • Reports of routes, positioning, improper use, alerts and consolidation;
  • Grouping by vehicles or schools/branches;
  • Possible interaction with existing software;
  • Fleet management in real time - visualizing location, vehicle state, speed, instructor and student in a map;
  • Analysis and reports of routes, stops, speed, points of interest and, driving time, etc.;
  • Routes history drawn on the map for a day to choose;;
  • Definition of inner and outer geo- zones for each vehicle;
  • Definition of points of interest
  • Definition of employment periods for vehicle use;
  • Ability to generate notifications and alarms:
    1. Speed (Eg: speeding);
    2. Misuse (Eg: use outside the labor period, use outside of a geo-zone defined for the vehicle);
    3. Arrival at a point of interest (Eg: the vehicle comes to a client for discharge), etc.;
    4. Inputs and outputs on predefined routes.
  • Sending notifications and alarms via email to a recipient of your choice (eg fleet manager);
  • Day charts and activity;;
  • Creation of fleets / Groups and sub-fleets / sub-groups.
  • On-line portal for lessons consultation by the students.

The main distinguishing elements of the platform in the competition are:

  • Very competitive Price;
  • Simple and intuitive user interface;
  • State Panel that indicates when the vehicle:
    • Is on, but immobilized;
    • Is on and in route;
    • Has the engine off;
    • Can’t report its location, because it has no GPRS / GSM network;
    • Reports an invalid location because it has GPS.
  • Electronic platform with Read permissions When IMT IP and Controlled Access By School ;
  • Easy Control of the number of classes, number of hours and number of kilometres for both instructors and students, through the platform;
  • Vehicle use Timeline;
  • Smartphone App.

Available options on the Tekfrota platform:

  • Possibility to define the frequency of readings of modules (from 30 to 30 seconds up to 1 in 1 minutes);;
  • Set of interfaces that allow integration with the platform with SW Management (ERP and CRM);
  • Possibility of interconnection with school site.